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Today’s local conflicts have a habit of becoming tomorrow’s international crises. 

Most of them unknown before that happens.

SOMEWHERE communications brings your war at the top of the international agenda.

About Somewhere

SOMEWHERE is a communication agency.

We work to help any parties involved in local conflicts/or wars around the globe that are in need of international attention.


            We believe that international attention is vital for any ongoing conflict/or war to be resolved. For the sake of the civilians – and the international community.


Are you a politician, a human rights organization, a government, a military official or a civilian caught in the middle? Then  we are ready to offer you our prime service:


To put your war on everyone’s mind.


SOMEWHERE communications is currently helping clients in Cameroon, Africa, to put focus on the country’s ongoing conflict between the English- and the French-speaking population - a conflict entirely unknown to the international community. 

The English-speaking population in Southern Cameroon has for at long time felt suppressed by the French-speaking government and a large group of separatists have therefore begun to fight for a new independent country called Ambazonia.

The French-speaking government on the other hand regards the separatists as terrorists.


The conflict – also known as the Anglophone crisis – has been going on for more than five years and has so far caused thousands of deaths and more than 800.000 displaced persons and refugees.

In the video above – just a part of the material that we have prepared for our clients – you can see a 2-minute presentation of the conflict.

You are most welcome to share the video in your network/community.

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